Articles on Strength Training

Articles on Strength Training

WSBB Blog: Max Effort Lower Exercises for Basketball Players

The sport of basketball is unique. You must possess a high level of speed, agility, and explosiveness to be effective. One trait that is not often associated with basketball players is absolute strength. Basketball is often misunderstood as a low contact sport, where the need for brute strength isn’t near...

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Fri Dec 03, 2021

WSBB Blog: Back Building 101

The benefits of having a strong, well-developed back cannot be overstated. The muscle groups that make up the musculature of the back are not only responsible for the support of the spine; these muscles also contribute significantly to athletic performance and ability. Whether you play football, run track, or lift...

Mon Nov 29, 2021

WSBB Blog: The Barbell Business

Ever wanted to know about the small business behind Westside Barbell? Check this blog out to view a glimpse of how WSBB HQ started.

Sat Nov 27, 2021

WSBB Blog: Strong Shoulders = Healthy Shoulders

It is no secret that the shoulders play a tremendous role in strength sports. Powerlifting requires an athlete to have strong shoulders for bench pressing, while strongman and Olympic style lifting requires the same for the overhead press. To excel at these pressing exercises, an athlete must focus on building...

Fri Nov 26, 2021

WSBB Blog: Effective Lower Body Exercises for Grapplers

Grappling is one of the most ancient tests of skill, strength, and endurance in the world of sport. Since the times of the Roman Empire, having the ability to control and defeat another person in hand-to-hand combat has been respected and admired. Becoming a competent and skillful grappler can take...

Mon Nov 22, 2021

WSBB Blog: Building General Endurance for Strongman

No matter the strength sport, there is always a level of general endurance needed to train and compete at a high level. The strength sport that requires the highest level of general endurance is the sport of Strongman. As a strongman competitor, you have to use multiple energy systems regularly...

Fri Nov 19, 2021

WSBB Blog: Strong Lats, Strong Bench

Out of the three powerlifts, the bench press is the lift that requires the highest level of precision to complete. With most powerlifters, the squat and deadlift movements can be understood and executed after a few weeks of training. Learning the bench press can take years, with some of the...

Mon Nov 15, 2021

WSBB Blog: Deadlift Grip Strength

When it comes to powerlifting and strongman, few lifts are as crucial as the deadlift. In the strength training community, having the ability to grab a heavy barbell and lift it off of the ground is one of the most respected lifts one can perform. The deadlift is an excellent...

Fri Nov 12, 2021

WSBB Blog: How to Program Max Effort Lower

When designing a Conjugate Method program, you must know how to properly organize each training day to get the most out of your programming on a week-to-week basis. This means that you are programming each training day to address the type of strength being trained directly. Programming an effective max effort...

Mon Nov 08, 2021

WSBB Blog: How to Program Max Effort Upper

No matter what sport you participate in, having a strong upper body is essential for overall sports performance and injury avoidance. To develop a strong upper body, athletes must train the bench press and the overhead press in specific volume and intensity ranges to improve their upper body's absolute strength....

Thu Nov 04, 2021

WSBB Blog: GPP for Wrestlers

When it comes to the demand placed on absolute strength, explosive strength, strength endurance, and cardiovascular endurance, few sports compare to amateur wrestling. Amateur wrestling is often considered the ultimate test of raw human strength, speed, and skill. It doesn't get any simpler, follow a few rules, and do whatever...

Mon Nov 01, 2021