Beginner Resistance Band Set
Beginner Resistance Band Set

Beginner Resistance Band Set

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This set is ideal for those wanting to experiment with band resistance options within their training before advancing to higher tensions. This set is a terrific way to begin joint and dynamic effort training. 

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Please click here to learn more about our bands, their uses, and the tension they can provide.

Included in this set:

  • 2 x Micro Bands
  • 2 x Red Mini Bands
  • 2 x Black Monster-Mini Bands

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Band combo pack

WSBB almost always ships out quicker then expected, always arrives in great shape and seriously, for some of the strongest baddest dudes they have the most polite and helpful customer service

Bill Longcamp
WBB is more than the world’s strongest gym!

My band set arrived early. That’s only part of the story. The bands are top quality and available at a very reasonable price. Along with that you can find articles that explain how to use them properly. The information available from Westside is the best available. The articles aren’t just written by a guy in his gym giving his opinion of programs, schedules, exercises and techniques. They are result of 50 years of experimentation, trial and error and actual progress made by many of the worlds’ best lifters. Included with Louis’ research this is the best available guidance for serious lifters. Keep up the good work!

isaac cintron

Always the best! I know train only with bands

Justine Johnson

Amazing Product & Service

Devin Richey

WSBB Resistance Bands - Band Set 2.0