WSBB Resistance Bands - Band Set 2.0
WSBB Resistance Bands - Band Set 2.0

WSBB Resistance Bands - Band Set 2.0

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All the cost savings of our Full Band Set except we dropped the blue bands from this to give you even more savings

This band set includes a pair of the following;

2-Red Mini Bands

2-Black Monster-Mini Bands

2-Purple Light Bands

2-Green Average Bands

Bands offer a convenient means for accommodating resistance, and Overspeed eccentrics, as well as a tool for assisting in bodyweight exercises such as the pull-up or dip.

Resistance bands, when hung turn into "assistance bands," and provide the only safe means for performing the future method for barbell lifts, one of the most effective methods of training for both RAW and geared lifters.

Westside Barbell bands are made from natural latex and are color-coded for convenience. 

*Note do not place bands on sharp edges or ontop the knurling on any bar.

Customer Reviews

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Band Set 2.0

Shipping was fast
I have been using bands for many years even though I suck at skwaats

Westside Bands

A couple weeks ago I needed a couple bands and decided to give Westside a look. Actually I didn't realize that they sold them. They do sell bands in a variety of sets and are extremely well priced. I have purchased from Westside before and found them extremely attentive in getting the orders filled and out the door and this was no exception. I received the bands quickly and have been using them in my workouts now for a week or so. They are well made and I anticipate using them for quite a while.

bands $$$

On a serious note, I got some bands because if I'm gonna get new bands I might as well get them from Westside. Great bands nonetheless. Also got some books. Even got some extra red bands for ordering the books hahaha great stuff.