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              Westside Barbell Premium Bands (7)

              WSBB Resistance Bands - Band Set 2.0

              $ 90.00$ 120.00

              WSBB Resistance Bands - Red Mini Band

              $ 6.00$ 9.00

              WSBB Resistance Bands - Black Monster Band

              $ 10.00$ 13.50

              WSBB Resistance Bands - Purple Light Band

              $ 15.00$ 18.00

              WSBB Resistance Bands - Blue Strong Band

              $ 20.00$ 25.00

              WSBB Resistance Bands - Full Band Set

              $ 130.00$ 150.00

              WSBB Resistance Bands - Band Set 3.0

              $ 75.00$ 80.00

              Westside Barbell’s most multidimensional weapon and most sought after training accessory, from the time he first used resistance bands, Louie was all in…

              ‘Bands have helped to increase our list of 550 benchers at Westside to 17. George Halbert recently benched 688 at 235 to capture the world record at 242. George also holds the 220 world record. Only two people can claim to hold a world record bench in two weight classes: George Halbert and Dave Waterman. When using bands, be careful not to overdo it. The bands produce a large amount of eccentric overloading and can cause excessive soreness, but they are more than worth it. They build the lockout as well as the start. One realizes very fast that you have to outrun the bands, so you develop a fast start to enable you to lock out a heavy weight.’

              -Louie Simmons, Founder and Head Coach of Westside Barbell

              Since then, resistance band strength training has been a staple of the Westside Conjugate system by way accommodating resistance. As with all things in the gym, they vary in strength and poundage. Blue strong bands provide the most tension, with green average bands in a close second. The final 3 are the most popular, purple light, black monster mini, and red mini bands are a must in one’s gym bag. Having these three bands in tow, one can perform a bevy of motions. With strength bands, lifters effectively learn to strain through ‘mini-maxes’, aka ‘sticking points’ in lift variations of the squat, bench, deadlift, and good mornings. Also, many have adapted to using them at the home and office for additional volume, also to strengthen the tendons and ligaments for injury prevention. Lastly, as many colleges, universities, and pro teams have learned, they are exceptional for conducting direct stretches of tight muscle groups. Our bands are premium vulcanized and pressed for maximal durability and minimal fraying, these are the only bands trusted to withstand the weathering and rigors of Westside Barbell.

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