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The Rule of Three™ Certificate

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Welcome to the Rule of Three™ certificate examination.

This home study course was created to help those coaching youth athletes to have a firm and optimal understanding of how to implement a successful and safe training protocol for youth athletes via general preparation means at very affordable price. 

This exam is 1 hour long and consists of 25 questions.It comes with over $230 worth of study material and its available worldwide and has no prerequisites required in order to take this course.

Exam content consists of 

  1. Weightlifting and Age (Scientific and Pedagogical Fundamentals of a Multi- year System of Training Junior Weightlifters) (L.S. Dvorkin)
  2. Special Strength Development for all Sports (Louie Simmons)
  3. G.P.P. DVD 
  4. Explosive Power and jumping ability for all sports (Tadeusz Starzynski and Henryk Sozanski)
  5. Explosive Strength Development for Jumping (Louie Simmons)
  6. Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual (Louie Simmons)
  7. Children & Sports Training (Jozef Drabik) 


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