WSBB Resistance Bands - Purple Light Band
WSBB Resistance Bands - Purple Light Band

WSBB Resistance Bands - Purple Light Band

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The Westside Barbell light band that has been, and still is, used by all the great legends of Westside across the three classical lifts. Our greatest squatters throughout the decades of world records at Westside Barbell use the light bands tied off from the front in conjunction with various forms of traditional accommodating resistance.

Bands offer a convenient means for accommodating resistance, and overspeed eccentrics, as well as a tool for assisting in body weight exercises such as the pull up or dip. Resistance bands, when hung turn into "assistance bands," and provide the only safe means for performing the future method for barbell lifts, one of the most effective methods of training for both RAW and geared lifters.

Westside Barbell bands are made from natural latex and are color coded for convenience. 

Westside Barbell bands are priced and sold as individual bands. 


  • Color: Purple Colored Band with Westside Barbell’s logo on the front in white.
  • Length: 41”
  • Width: 1 ⅛”
  • Thickness: 4.5mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Santiago Dobles
Excellent Band

Great quality. And very useful.

Light resistance bands

I’ve used WSBB bands for years. Great quality & long lasting. Would definitely recommend

"DT and the Harwood Misfits - Strength Training" on Youtube
Purple Light Band Review

I am having fun with it. Works perfectly. Just used it for the second time today and had a great workout on deadlift. I use it on a bar with aggressive knurling and have noticed no damage at all on the band yet. I am tempted to add a green average band to my collection thanks to how much I'm enjoying the purple one.
Thank you.

Mark Muter

Great service products and best in class delivery

WSBB Purple Light Bands

I love these bands! They’re perfect for squats! I’m definitely buying more bands from Westside!