WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle
WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle

WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle

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All of Louie Simmon's publications are bundled together for you at a heavily discounted rate! 

What Do You Get?

  1. Special Strengths Development For All Sports
  2. Book of Methods
  3. Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual
  4. Explosive Strength Development for Jumping
  5. Bench Press Manual
  6. Strength Manual For Running
  7. Squat and Deadlift Manual
  8. The Iron Samurai
  9. Throwers Guide to Strength Training
  10. The Rule of Three


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 150 reviews
    Vincent Deschatelets

    Quick shipping to canada, everything is in good condition and i cant wait to read it all. (I also appeciate the mystery box hahaha)

    Jawad Warraich
    Worth The Money!

    I can't express how great the books are. These books have already answered a lot of questions I've had about Conjugate.

    Michael Shaw
    Awesome Books!

    My brother has been raving about Louie Simmons to me for years. He gave me The Book of Methods several years ago for Christmas. I got the Louie Simmons (Westside Barbell) bug myself once I started doing some research, knowing that I really wanted to understand the science of lifting weights in general. I saw that Louie's bundle of books was on sale and I had to jump on it. I got an updated version of the Book of Methods, along with many others. I am now addicted to reading about every possible secret that there is to achieving more power! These books are awesome and I can't stop reading them, even the ones that don't necessarily apply to what my goals are (e.g. improving jumping). Even those books are fantastic though. I have a 12 year old son that is obsessed with trying to dunk a basketball, so even that book fits right in. I've immediately started implementing some of the things I've learned, like deadlifting off of a raised platform to improve my deadlift, among other things. These amazing books have provided me with tips that I have never heard before and I feel like a student of the game even more now than ever, thanks to Louie and the Westside Barbell team. Thanks so much!!!

    Joshua Mckee

    Great information. I can’t wait for the gains to start to show!

    Keith Sikora

    WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle