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Squat and Deadlift Manual

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In the Squat and deadlift manual, there are 173 pages on the most effective training methods which are based on science and proven by results. The book includes topics such as:    Best method for both lifts

  •     Most productive mini-cycles
  •     Preparing for competition
  •     Mastering technique
  •     Eliminating weaknesses
  •     Raise your GPP and SPP

"If you what to learn how to reach the top in squatting and deadlifting this book is the answer to your dream. It covers periodization, special exercises, how to box squat, this is a must. Has the system worked? Westside has 19 men that squat over 1000lbs, 5 that squat over 1100lbs and 2 that squat over 1200lbs."

Louie Simmons

This was printed in the U.S.A

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