Articles on Strength Training

Articles on Strength Training

Poor Man's Bar

For those of you who do not have cambered bench bars, remember this rule of thumb... For every 1" of camber, pause for the equal amount of seconds on the chest.

Westside Barbell
Sun Sep 08, 2019

Upper Tier

Dynamic UpperStraight Bar Bench 9x5@50% 1RM-against mini bands-3x5 moderate grip-3x5 bench grip-3x5 wide gripDB Bench 2x10, 2x20-keeping arms at 45º(emphasizing the triceps)DB Rollbacks 5x15-keeping elbows tight(no flare)Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3x20-target high on the claviclesBanded Tricep Pushdown x400-40-70 each set

Sat Aug 31, 2019

Only Upward

Max Effort UpperConcentric Football Bar Pin Press 1RM-widest grip-pin set to sticking point (mini-max) of straight bar benchConcentric Football Bar Pin Press 3x3-moderate grip-same pin height as above30º Incline DB Tricep Rollbacks 4x6-keep elbows tightDB Front Raise Static Hold 5x30sec-thumbs up(palms facing each other)-keep elbows facing downward-bottom DB head to...

Sat Jun 29, 2019

Phat Chest

Max Effort UpperFat Bar Bench 1RM-bench grip60º Incline Straight Bar Bench 3x3-moderate grip-1sec pause at bottomDB Rollbacks 4x8-flat benchReverse Pec Dec 3x10-2sec hold at topBanded Tricep Push-downs 5x40

Wed Jun 26, 2019


One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to increase the lockout portion of the bench is to employ the board press.With a simple trip to your local hardware store, the 2x6's and wood screws needed for a 5, 4, 3, 2, AND 1 board are LESS than $30. *We've gone...

Wed Jun 19, 2019

Top Shelf

High Incline Bench 1RM-moderate grip-we like an ~60º inclineHigh Incline Pause Bench 3x4-same setup as the 1RM-1sec pause at bottomUpright Williams Extensions 4x10DB Lateral Raise 3x15 Sled Upright Row x3 Trips-1 Trip = 30yds down AND back (~60yds total)-lead with elbows

Tue Jun 18, 2019


Being a 'Bench Specialist' is more than just benching, it means training the whole body (yes legs too) to generate force from the floor and translating it into the barbell. Here is a look into what the Bench Specialists who train at Westside do for a GPP whole body session...

Thu Jun 13, 2019

Locking the Bench

Max Effort Upper2 Board Bow Bar Bench 1RM-3 chains (each side)-bench gripBow Bar Bench 3x6-3 chains (each side)-moderate gripEZ Bar Skullcrusher 4x10-close gripDB Lateral Raise x5, 10, 15-pause for 1sec at top AND bottom to ensure no momentumBanded Face Pull 4x50-elbows high-forehead target    

Sat Jun 08, 2019

What to Do?

FAQs "What do I do if I don't have a cambered bench bar?" Aim to go several fingers wider than normal, and also pause for the equivalent of the cambered bar depth desired. For example, for a 4" camber, pause 4 seconds on the shirt. Need Chalk?...  

Tue Jun 04, 2019

Shirt or No?

Max Effort Upper1 Board Straight Bar Bench (raw OR geared) 1RM-bench grip2 Board Straight Bar Bench 4x4-if 1RM was done in gear remove shirt and go raw-set 1 = bench grip-set 2 = 1 finger width out-set 3 = 2 finger widths out-set 4 = 3 finger widths outDB Williams...

Sat Jun 01, 2019


Remember, vary the angle of the press. Hitting new and different ranges of motion on occasion will help avoid accommodation while activating new musculature. We typically do a different angle every 4-6 weeks on our main Max Effort movement.

Fri May 17, 2019