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Fri Apr 03, 2020

Home Training Variation Methods


    When training at home, at times lack of equipment can be present a road block in terms of stimulation. Below are tried and true methods we’ve used for our auxiliary lifts over the decades.  When used at home, they can take the mundane simple few exercises you have and turn them into true burners.



-Supersets: 2 exercises performed back to back with no rest in-between

-Giant Sets: 3+ exercises performed back to back to back (etc) with no rest in-between

-Ascending Giant Sets: every set adds another exercise onto the chain (set 1: 1 exercise, set 2: 2 exercises, set 3: 3 exercises, etc…)

-Ultra High Reps: 100-200 reps per set

-Isometrics: holding a certain position under tension for 30-90sec

-Pre-Exhaust: isolation exercise(s) BEFORE compound exercise(s)

-Eccentrics: in controlled fashion, lower the weight for a count (typically 3-10sec negatives)

-Max Reps: the whole session, every exercise only has 1 set, and it is more reps until failure



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