Westside Barbell: GPP Home Workouts

Westside Barbell
Wed Mar 18, 2020


These are primarily extra workouts for the back end of the day for one's GPP(general physical preparedness) and SPP(special physical preparedness).

However, they are also targeted towards maintaining as much as possible while unable to get to the gym.


Day 1.0


Air Squat and Hold 1xMax Time

-hold tight parallel squat positions

-be sure to flex the hips and be actively ripping the carpet


Single Leg Split Squat Hold 3xGood Burn (each leg)

-legs at 90º


Seated Banded Leg Curl Hold x30, 45, 60, 45, 30sec

-legs at or just past 90º


Ab Bridge 3xMax Time

-keep abs engaged 



Day 2.0


Push-up Hold 1xMax Time

-most comfortable position 

-arms at 90º


Band Resisted Push-up Hold 5xGood Burn

-mini band wrapped around back and around hands


Banded Front Hold 3xGood Burn (30-45sec)

-standing on band, holding opposite end at eye level until it dips beneath chin


Banded Face Pull Hold 2xGood Burn (30-45sec)



Day 3.0


Banded OH Tricep Ext. Static Hold 6x30sec (arms at 90º)


Banded Hammer Curl Static Hold x30sec


Banded Pressdown Static Hold 5x40sec (arms at 90º)


Banded Reverse Curl Static Hold x40sec


Banded Tomahawk Ext. 4x50sec (arms at 90º)


Banded Supinated Wrist Static Hold x50


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