Westside Barbell: GPP Home Workouts Wk.3

Westside Barbell
Wed Apr 01, 2020

Ascending Giant Sets

*extra workouts


These catch up to you quick, and are executed in the following fashion:

Set 1: exercise 1

Set 2: exercise 1&2

Set 3: exercise 1, 2, & 3…

As you can tell, was the sets go on, the movements stack up.


Day 1.0

-Incline Push-up x10 (feet elevated)

-Banded Stability Wide Push-up x30

-Push-up x10

-Banded Stability Wide Push-up x30

-Decline Push-up x10

-Banded Stability Wide Push-up x30

-Bodyweight Skullcrusher x20 (using a wall, chair, table, etc…)

-Banded OH Ext. x60

-Banded Pressdown x80

-Light Object Lateral Raise x100


*if not able to set up banded stability push-ups, wrap band around back for banded push-ups








Day 2.0

-Air Squat x15 (hugging weighted object)

-Reverse Lunge x20 (each leg)

-Bulgarian Split Squats x25 (each leg)

-Wall Sit x1min

-Banded Pull Through x50

-Banded Good Morning x50

-Seated Banded Hamstring Curl x50

-Lying Banded Hamstring Curl x50

-Bodyweight Air Squat x50



Day 3.0

-Heavy Object Overhead (OH) Press x10

-Moderate Object OH Press x20

-Light Object OH Press x30

-Moderate Object Front Raise x20 (hip to eye)

-Light Object Front Raise x30 (hip to OH)

-Banded Face Pull x40

-Banded Hammer Curl x40

-Band Tear x50

-Banded Hammer Curl x50

-Banded Upright Row x60

-Banded Hammer Curl x60



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