Westside Barbell: GPP Home Workouts Wk.4

Westside Barbell
Wed Apr 08, 2020

Ultra High Reps

*extra workouts

*DO NOT break up the reps within the set, the idea is to go past the a normal ‘high’ repetition limit


Day 1.0

Ultra Wide Push-up 1xMax Reps


Chair Dips 1x50

-elbows tucked


Chair Dips 1x75

-elbows flared


Banded Chest Press 1x100

-band in each hand, opposite ends loops onto uprights at approximately shoulder height


Banded Tricep OH Ext. 2x125


Banded Tricep Pressdown 3x150






Day 2.0

Assisted Air Squat 1x50

-holding table/doorknob for assistance

-normal squat stance


Lying Banded Hamstring Curl 1x100

-lying on stomach


Assisted Air Squat 1x100

-holding table/doorknob for assistance

-sumo deadlift stance


Seated Banded Hamstring Curl 1x150


Assisted Reverse Lunge 1x75(each leg)

-holding table/doorknob for assistance

-normal squat stance

-lunging off 4” box/plate


Single Leg Seated Banded Hamstring Curl 1x200(each leg)


Day 3.0

Standing Banded Shoulder Press 1x50

-standing on band, pressing overhead


Banded Upright Row-into-Press 1x75

-standing on band, perform an upright row and transition mid rep from upright row into a press (akin to a muscle Clean)


Banded Front Raise 1x100

-hip to OH


Banded Face Pull 1x125


Band Tear 1x150

-palms up


Can of Soup Lateral Raise 1x200

-can in each hand



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