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Wed Apr 01, 2020

    Think back to the 1980s, when Louie trained in his basement and garage. There existed no specialty equipment, and yet he and his training partners all made positive progress.

A large driver of this was at its’ core the most basic Conjugate System. They still rotated exercises, but most importantly were only limited by their imaginations.

    This meant everything was in play, from using a barbell and bands to household objects. Below are several of the variations Louie recalls having done on a regular basis before he owned copious amounts of equipment:

  • the dining room chair for dips
  • stacking objects from the garage to create a squat box (with the borrowed doormat to place atop it)
  • before they had weight sleds, simple rope or light chain was placed through weight plates or tires
  • kitchen towels got hung from bars for bodyweight triceps or row/pull-up variations
  • supersets and giant sets were utilized more often to up intensity
  • tabletops were used for reverse hypers (and back extensions)
  • stacked books under each hand for deficit push-ups
  • ‘strapped’ (today we call TRX) work by way of a long piece of rope
    • tricep extensions
    • chest press
    • upright row
    • reverse flye
    • straight arm overhead raise
    • row
    • single-leg squat
    • push-ups
    • bodyweight skull crushers
    • bicep curls

    As time went on and more equipment was added (including his specialty pieces) the need for most of the above variations went by the wayside. However, creativity is an ever ongoing process.

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We have a specific program entitled ‘Back to Basics’, which comprises of structured workouts based on the equipment Lou had in his basement and garage.




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