Banded Work

Westside Barbell
Mon Dec 31, 2018

One of the biggest questions we get @westsidebarbellofficial is how to increase muscular endurance and injury prevention. Our go to answer for both of these is banded work. Many coaches and athletes employ this work, but not necessarily in the volume they need. Our base number for banded work is 300 repetitions, performed 40-70 each set. At this rep range, we exhaust the muscle and attack primarily the tendons and ligaments. As these are high/ultra high reps, the angles must be changed constantly to avoid accommodation.
Here are some examples to add into your rotation where you are weak/injury prone:
🔸Tricep extensions
🔸Overhead tricep extensions
🔸Tomahawk tricep extensions
🔸Face pulls
🔸Archer pulls (bow and arrow)
🔸Body pulls
🔸High row
🔸Straight arm pulldown
🔸Front raise
🔸Upright row
🔸Tear(palms up or down)
🔸Seated leg curl
🔸Lying leg curl(belly down or up)
🔸4 way neck