Pulling John

Westside Barbell
Sun Dec 30, 2018

We’ve received plenty of questions regarding missing the deadlift at the bottom(floor to knees). So looking ahead to Monday we thought we’d toss this one out there for y’all.

1️⃣Deficit Conventional Deadlift 1RM
🔸2” deficit

2️⃣Deficit Conventional Deadlift 3x6
🔸2” deficit
🔸Reset reps
🔸Set 1: grip 1 finger width wider(each hand)
🔸Set 2: 2 widths wider
🔸Set 3: 3 widths wider
(This variation aids in developing the upper back (which plays a role in bar position off the floor))
3️⃣Reverse Hyper 4x40@60%1RM Back Squat
🔸Low erectors emphasis

4️⃣Reverse Sled Pull x3 Trips
🔸Backpedaling (quad emphasis)
🔸Thighs should be parallel to ground

5️⃣Banded Hamstring Curls 4x75