Off Day

Westside Barbell
Tue Jan 01, 2019

We’ve had a good bit of questions regarding off day auxiliary work. Below is a Thursday session to be done the day after a Max Effort Upper day...
1️⃣Sled Tricep Extensions 1/4 mile
-a weight which one can do continually
-keep tension in the strap at all times

2️⃣Bamboo Bar Shoulder Press 4x40
-bench grip

3️⃣Seated Low Row x10, 15, 20
-close/neutral grip
-target low sternum

4️⃣Overhead Banded Tricep Extension x350
-40-70 each set

5️⃣Standing Banded Abs 5x10
-1-1000 pause at contraction

Do keep in mind this is meant to be completed in less than 45min, and is used by veteran lifters whom have acclimated to the volume of Westside.