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Westside Barbell
Wed Jul 01, 2020

    Triceps and delts, debatably the two most needed muscle groups on athletes in terms of pressing. Many who come to Westside learn this right off the bat, especially when it comes to the triceps. Whether this be the bench press, the overhead press, or any athletic movements, one cannot escape the importance of these two muscle groups. The best way to attack them we've found is to incorporate a healthy dose of auxiliary isolation lifts. This can be accomplished by using heavy weights with low volume on a max effort day, or light weight with higher volume on dynamic effort days. The alternating of the intensity and volume is set so as one can train the same muscle group(s) each week without burnout due to constantly rotating the lifts. However, a little known fact is that we employ the incline press/bench more often than most think. This is due to the high activation of both the tricep and deltoids at this angle. For max effort days, 1RM’s are a good tester lift for those lagging in these departments. Later on in the week for one’s repetition method on dynamic days, dumbbells are hit for moderate to high reps on varying incline angles.

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