This Ole' Bar: Straight Bar

Westside Barbell
Fri Jul 03, 2020

    At Westside, we keep the straight bar work to major retests. Our methodology is to use specialty bars to constantly increase training capacity and address weaknesses and hence when cycling back to the straight bar it is easier. For example, if a lifter is weak in the upper back, they would primarily use the safety squat bar and giant cambered bar (perhaps even with front bands which encourages them to press the upper back into the bar) which creates pressure in the upper back for them to work against. With proper application after several pendulum waves alternating these bars (and changing accommodating resistance with bands and/or chains) it comes time to retest a particular standard with the straight bar. If you're a visual person, here's what we’re talking about…


Safety Squat Bar Box Squat 5x5
(with front bands(we use light bands))
*3 week wave, ascending percentages
Giant Cambered Bar Box Squat 5x5
(with 3 chain)
*3 week wave, ascending percentages

Safety Squat Bar Box Squat 5x5
(with front bands and 3 chain)
*3 week wave, ascending percentages

Straight Bar ReTest 1RM
*squatted to a parallel or competition depth box
**against straight weight, light (purple), average (green), or strong (blue) bands

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