All Chained Up

Westside Barbell
Mon Jun 29, 2020

Accommodating resistance. At Westside Barbell this falls into one of three categories…bands, chains, and weight releasers. While weight releasers are very seldom used, and bands are by far Louie’s favorite, chains hold a very special look and feel. The allow for an increase of resistance on the positive (much like bands), while additionally accounting for a level of instability (which does not exist with bands).

    With one of the most popular bars at Westside for squats being the giant cambered bar, chains come into particular handy as our bands are only single looped (in order to use bands, they need to be placed around two forty five pound plates which slows training groups down). A fun max effort variation is to go up solely in chain until all links are used, only then does the group add straight weight to the bar.

    Using chains for the floor press is also a popular move here, and many lifters have records of not only straight weight variations, but ones using different amounts of chain as well.

    For conditioning, there is near no better game changer than tossing chain around the neck or into the hands of athletes as they pull sleds.


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