This Ole' Bar: Giant Cambered

Westside Barbell
Fri Jun 26, 2020

    Few bars at Westside are as symbolic as the Giant Cambered Bar. Not to be confused with the several benching cambered bars, this one is hand made and is utilized from squats to good mornings, and for good reason. This bar can uniquely combine the feel and position of the straight bar across the upper back, while also easing the stress on the rotator cuffs. It accomplishes this by the ability to shift the weight horns slightly forward or back to place the weight more directly over one’s center of mass. Here are some our favorite variations with it…

  1. Speed Box Squat Set-up - w/ Strong (blue) bands stretched atop the first 2 plates
  2. Max Box Squat Set-up - w/ 5, 20lb chains per side
  3. Good Mornings - Typically with straight weight. We’ve done this for a 1RM, up to a top set of 20 reps with and without a belt.
  4. 45º Back Extension - Set low on the upper back, at times allowing the plates on the bar to rest on the floor for a ‘dead stop’ while keeping the core tight.
  5. Standing Side Bench Abs - Essentially mimicking the feel of a side bend, only with he bar on the back.


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