Equipment Education- The Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper

Tom Barry
Thu Sep 29, 2016

The Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper: Weighing in around 300 pounds, we have the Westside Barbell Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper. We often refer to the Reverse Hyper as the corner stone of training, and more often than not, anyone that has trained on the Hyper agrees with us. Like the Dual Pendulum Reverse Hyper that we spoke bout a couple weeks ago, the Ultra Supreme features the adjustable table top. This feature offers more versatility for training. By tilting the front of the table top down we are able to place greater emphasis on the low back and achieve greater traction.
By tilting it up, we can recruit the glutes and hamstrings into the movement more. We often condone performing repetitions on the Westside Barbell Reverse Hypers numerous times throughout the week in a variety of ways, as there is nothing but strength and increased health to be gained from doing so, but where to start? Lou recommends the following: Early in the week (Max Effort Lower Body Day) perform 4 sets of 10 at a weight equal to 50% of your squat.
For a second workout later in the week (Dynamic Lower Day) perform up to four sets of 20 Reverse Hypers at a weight around 25% percent of your 1RM squat. These two Reverse Hyper workouts should function as a starting point and be built upon. It is important to keep accessory work difficult, and to not place limits on your reps and sets simply for the sake of doing so.
Keep your work on the Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper DIFFICULT and your progress in the squat and dead lift will show. DO NOT be afraid of performing heavy reps on our machine. A balance of light an heavy reps must be performed.