Biceps of the Leg

Westside Barbell
Fri Aug 30, 2019

Dynamic Lower

Straight Bar Box Squat 10x3@50%
-downward average and strong bands and light front bands

Pin #3 Conventional Rack Pull 8x1@55%
-against monster minis

Inverse Curl 4x8-10
-keeping glutes tight
-if no Inverse Curl, use GHD

Sled Pull x8 Trips
-heavy med ball held low on hips
-~25% 1RM back squat on sled
-90% recovery after each trip
-1 trip = 60m down AND back

Seated Cable Low Row 3x10-12
-close, neutral grip handle

Decline Russian Twist 4x15(each way)
-hugging med ball high on clavicles and chin