WSBB Blog: Training for the Outdoorsman

WSBB Blog: Training for the Outdoorsman

by Westside Education Team

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Since the beginning of time, people have had to hunt, fish, hike, and climb for survival. The individuals who possessed a high level of physical fitness were able to master these skills, survive, and ultimately provide for their tribe and guarantee that their bloodline carried on.

Fortunately, the stakes aren’t that high in the modern world, but this doesn’t mean an outdoorsman should neglect their physical fitness.

The modern outdoorsman spares no expense when purchasing gear to give them an advantage. The latest technology in camouflage, archery, firearms, and clothing can provide an extreme advantage for the modern outdoorsman compared to their ancient counterpart.

What you must ask yourself is why do I need more gear to achieve the same mission my ancestors achieved thousands of years ago with very little technology. This can be answered simply by comparing lifestyles of the modern human to our ancestors.

Our ancestors had to become physically fit and rugged in order to survive. They also lived a lifestyle that provided strength and endurance training on a daily basis. Your life is heavily aided by technology, therefore elective physical training is needed. Below, we will discuss a few exercises you can begin doing today to improve your physical fitness and become a more able outdoorsman.


The king of posterior strength training exercises, the deadlift provides the outdoorsman with the necessary stimulus that will directly carry over to their activity.

Whether it is improving your back strength to carry your gear on a hike into the woods, or improving your strength endurance to drag an animal or carry butchered meat out of the woods, the deadlift is one exercise that has great carryover to any physical activity.

These can be done sumo or conventional, working up to a top set of 3-5 reps.

Clean and Press

The clean and press is one of the best movements to develop overall upper body and torso strength, providing great strength endurance training, and when done for higher reps can be one of the best ways to condition yourself while training with a barbell.

For archers, clean and press places direct demand on many of the muscles used when drawing, aiming, and following through with a shot. Strength and stability are very important when shooting a bow or firearm, and clean and press is great at improving both attributes. You can do these as a main exercise for a top set of 3-5 reps, or as an accessory exercise for multiple sets of 8-10 reps.

Reverse Hypers / Sled

The reverse hyper and sled can be used in combination to develop strength, stability, and endurance in the low back, hips, and legs. Both of these exercises are higher volume generally, with sleds being pulled for 10-12 trips at proper distance, and hypers being done for multiple sets of 15-25 reps.

This qualifies both of these exercises as excellent additions to your accessory exercises following your main movement. These exercises will make those long distance hikes in full gear much easier.


The most cost effective back workout. You can do these with varying grips and styles to provide a different training stimulus. If you want to develop your back and rear delts to be able to draw back a bow with ease, or carry a heavy pack on a day long trek through the woods, you need to be doing pull-ups.
These can be done weighted for sets of 5-10, or done with just bodyweight for higher rep or AMRAP sets.
In today’s world, modern technology robs us of our ability to fully maximize or utilize our senses and abilities like our ancestors. It is because of this that physical training is necessary if you want to become the most effective hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman you can possibly be. Sure, you can haul a whitetail out of the woods using your side by side, but dragging a whitetail kill out of the woods by its antlers makes a statement.
Lose the side by side, make yourself the machine.
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