Westside Barbell
Sat Mar 28, 2020


Day 1:

3 Sets of 1:30 Max Rep Goblet Squat

4 Sets: 50 Romanian Dead Lift+30 Alternating Lunge

1 x 100 Table Top Reverse Hyper


With an object weighing 30-50 lbs (Think about a bag of rock salt or dog food!)
Walk Half Mile w/ bag
100 Feet Anchored Sit Up
Walk Half Mile w/ bag

Day 2:

3 Rep at most difficult position possible: Feet elevated push up... Continue to elevate feet higher and higher until your final set of three difficult reps is complete. Finish in hand stand if possible.

Alternating Hand Dumbbell Clean 3 x 5:00

200 Front Raise with two hands on a single dumbbell, hold it with one hand on each end

10 x 10 Push Up w/ 10 second Rest between sets

300 Arm Circles, 150 forward and 150 to the rear.

Day 3:

20:00 Every minute on the minute.
Odd: Thirty Seconds Wide Stance Air Squat, rest the remainder of the minute
Even: One Thirty Second Push Up! 15 seconds down 15 seconds up, rest the remainder

5 Sets:

30 Short jumps to the front step, or second step of your home.
Run backward 75 yards
5 x 30 Knee to Elbow Sit Up


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