Sumo Rack

Westside Barbell
Mon Dec 24, 2018

Give this a go if this is an area you need to attack:

1️⃣Pin #2 Sumo Rack Pull w/Chain 1RM
2️⃣Pin #2 Sumo Rack Pull w/Chain 3x6
🔸reset reps
🔸using Zercher harness
3️⃣ATP Walk 1x3min, 1x2min, 1x1min
🔸only 3 total sets
🔸add weight each set
🔸keep glutes tight
🔸keep a wider than raw squat stance
4️⃣Reverse Hyper 4x40@60%1RM Back Squat 🔸all glute
🔸rep count doesn’t begin until a deep burn in the glutes is achieved.
5️⃣Banded Hamstring Curls 5x60
🔸deeper the burn, plumper the pump
🔸Hamstrings are the bicep of the leg.