Back Day

Westside Barbell
Sun Dec 23, 2018

At Westside, we train our backs in some capacity every time we step in the gym. This is because your back is the base of the bench, it keeps the bar close on the pull, and locks the bar in on the squat. For these reasons and more we have the Black Beast. With dual horns, when loaded with 45lb plates, each side can hold over 700lbs. Additionally, bands can also be added for accommodating resistance.

Give this a go for your lat work this week:

1️⃣Single Arm Row 3x6(each arm)
🔸1-1000 pause at ribcage
🔸palms facing inward
🔸done with a plate loaded machine, DB, or cable

2️⃣Dual Arm Row Drop Set 1x6/12/24
🔸only 1 working set
🔸no pause
🔸same setup as the 3x6
🔸start with what you used for the 6’s above, and have a partner lower the weight immediately after you finish the 6, then again immediately following the completed 12