Overhead for Overheard Gains

Westside Barbell
Tue Feb 19, 2019

Max Effort Upper

1️⃣Ultra High Overhead Pin Press 1RM
🔸straight bar
🔸bench grip

2️⃣Ultra High Overhead Pin Press 3x4
🔸2 finger widths closer (each hand)
🔸reset reps

3️⃣Upright DB Williams Ext. 4x6
🔸70° incline bench
🔸keep elbows flared

4️⃣Sled Upright Row x3 Trips
🔸lead with elbows
🔸keep constant tension in straps
🔸1 trip = 60yds down and back (120yds total)

5️⃣Banded Tricep Ext. 5x40