Jump Around!

by Westside Barbell on June 25, 2019

With regards to explosive training when it comes to Olympic lifting, CrossFit Individual competitors, and contact sports, I often get asked what we do differently than others at Westside.

The biggest training variant to the above athlete(s) is weighted jumps. These are done 2x a week, with each session comprising of 40 jumps total (80 jumps/weekly). Typically, these jumps are performed before Max Effort Lower (whether squat/pull/or good morning) and Dynamic Effort Lower. This is an effective ‘warm-up’ to peak the CNS to fire at an elevated rate. With the exception of retesting the bodyweight records, the athlete is always holding or wearing external resistance. One day is focused on setting a max height record, and the second day to a 30” (or challenging) height for a divided effort, 10x4, 8x5, etc.

A Box Jump Progression:
Wk1 ME: Strict Standing xMax Height(MH)
Wk1 DE: Strict Standing 8x5/30” (holding KBs in front rack position)
Wk 2 ME: Seated Box Jump xMH (20lb weight vest)
Wk 2 DE: Seated Box Jump 10x4/30” (20lb weight vest)
Wk 3 ME: Strict Standing xMH (empty barbell on back, as the athlete lands on box, the barbell should be caught in the OH squat position)
Wk 3 DE: Strict Standing 20x2/30” (barbell on back, loaded if possible, as the athlete lands on box, the barbell should be caught in the OH squat position)

From a coaching standpoint, ensure the athlete is landing atop the box softly, learning to absorb the force in the below parallel position. Also, when assembling jumps, tailor them to not only the athlete’s weakness, but the sport as well.

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