Westside Barbell
Thu Jan 10, 2019

Below is a Max Effort session for all those looking to build the bottom of the bench.

1️⃣Straight Bar Illegal Double Wide Bench 3x3
🔸‘illegal double wide’ means the trigger finger is 2 finger widths past the ring(each hand)
🔸stay strict, don’t get sloppy in your position

2️⃣Dips 3x8
🔸wide grip
🔸leaning inward (to target more pec/delt)
🔸keep middle back pinned together

3️⃣Plate Raise 4x10
🔸hip to overhead
🔸no momentum
🔸hands at 10&2
🔸CONTROL the negative

4️⃣Reverse Pec Dec Static Hold 4x20sec
🔸squeezing from the middle back(shoulder blades)
🔸keep back arched similar to bench
🔸if you don’t have a pec dec, use dumbbells in a reverse flye position

5️⃣Banded Front Raise 5x25 -ss- Band Tear x50 (palms up)