Go Foam, or Go Home!

Westside Barbell
Mon Jun 08, 2020

    To visitors and onlookers at Westside, it seems the guys and gals are always sitting to a solid box. This can be the traditional parallel, or up to 2” below competition depth for those getting closer to the meet.

    However, there is the occasional rotation of an eight inch foam topper onto the box. While primarily kept to max effort days, it serves to drastically increase the intensity of the box squat. It achieves the by eliminating a good bit of the stretch reflex. Imagine this: which is easier, getting up out of a wood chair, or a plush couch? The theory is very similar, and come max effort day this gives a new record to break. If you're looking to get a foam topper for your gym, we got ours out of an old couch. However, one can always get one from the local upholstery or furniture store.

Stay true to the rules below for Foam success!

  1. Keep it to Max Effort day
  2. If you insist on using it for dynamic effort day(s) stay to 5x5 for strength endurance (as the foam will reduce the speed one is after when performing 2’s and 3’s)
  3. Once sunken into the foam, depth should be at parallel or 2” beneath competition standards