Fix the Bench: Lockout

Westside Barbell
Wed Jun 10, 2020

    Many things cause lifers and athletes alike to go into a fit of rage. However, few can compare to taking a big bench, with locked in technique and flawless execution, only to fail within inches of the lockout. If this is you, this feeling of failure is all too familiar. Take these 2 variations into account to combat this sticking point!


  1. The Floor Press - This is an all time favorite of lifters at Westside both raw and equipped. Performed with both legs straight or feet tucked, it allows the lifter to directly address the top end of the lockout. A major benefit beyond this is the biofeedback received from the ground upon touching the triceps. This can tell an athlete/coach how fast the bar is descending, and more importantly if the arms are lowering evenly.


  1. The Concentric Pin Press - Louie’s number 1 go to for all lifters. This lift he credits with adding pounds on pounds to his raw bench. This lift has two major benefits, the first of which being NO SPOTTER is necessary. The second is the ability to adjust the starting position by anywhere from 1/2” to 1” depending on the rack’s adjustability of spotter arms.


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