This Ole' Bar: Bow Bar

Westside Barbell
Fri Jun 05, 2020

    The Bow Bar (often called the Buffalo Bar) at Westside is the best two way bar we have. With the ability to be utilized on both upper and lower max/dynamic days, it’s a good thing we have 2. One is a more recent make with light knurling, while the other is older than most lifters at the gym and has no knurling. A tried and true modification of the classic straight bar, even bodybuilding greats such as Tom Platz purposely bent his bar over a bench to give it that slight curve, allowing for greater contact on the upper back and ease on the shoulders for week-in and week-out squat work. Check out these Westside favorites on how to use your Bow Bar!


1.    Max Effort Lower Variations

  • Bow Bar Box Squat (with strong bands)
  • Concentric (Anderson) Bow Bar Squat (or Good Morning)


2.    Max Effort Upper Variations

  • Bow Bar Decline Bench (with chains)
  • Bow Bar 1 Board Bench (straight weight or with bands)


3.    Dynamic Upper Variations

  • Bow Bar Box Squat (front bands and downward bands)
  • Bow Bar Foam Box Squat (with chains)


4.    Dynamic Upper Variations

  • Bow Bar Dynamic Bench 9x5 (50/55/50% with bands)



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