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In this video, Louie Simmons shares some of the real history of Westside Barbell and what impact the original Westside Barbell club in Culver City had on him.

From training as a twelve-year-old in this basement all the way up to the current location of Westside Barbell. Find out why Westside Barbell has become what it is today in a way that only Louie can tell.

The past training years resulted in Louie’s first book, the Book of Methods. Here you can find the collection of training methods which were obtained in 30 years. The 3-week wave system, circa max, delayed transformation, accommodating resistance and much more, it’s all there

Video Index:

00:00:12 – The effect of the original Westside Barbell club in Culver City

00:02:22 – What made you choose their methods?

00:04:41 – First equipment and exercises after the army

00:07:29 – First training partners

00:08:56 – How people found Louie

00:09:18 – The effects of having training partners

00:11:35 – Equipment in the basement

00:12:24 – Looking for an edge 00:12:35 – The reverse hyper

00:13:35 – Post-training assessment

00:14:12 – Westside Barbell locations

00:15:18 – World record-holders

00:16:35 – Westside women

00:17:06 – The four greatest lifters

00:17:52 – Asking questions

00:18:40 – Why do you always answer every question now?

00:20:41 – Garage stories

00:22:20 – Hardcore attitude

00:24:28 – No time to change

00:26:03 – Don’t miss lifts

00:26:49 – (John) Blacks Health Club

00:28:01 – George Crawford

00:29:33 – Psychology

00:30:22 – The first generation of lifters

00:31:32 – Team = Family

00:33:29 – Woman of Westside Barbell

00:33:52 – Demorest 00:37:20 – Eskil Thomasson (Sweden)

00:39:34 – Gym competitions

00:41:02 – Dave Tate

00:42:54 – The current Westside Barbell location

00:43:28 – Meets & Records

00:46:23 – Unbelievable stories

00:50:48 – Matt Wenning

00:51:57 – Best day and worst day

00:55:31 – Can’t

00:56:38 – Hilltop fights

For more exclusive interviews, video tutorials, webinars, master class with Louie Simmons, never seen before footage and much more, visit Westside Barbell’s official education system at


Louie Simmons is widely regarded as the 'Strength Coaches, Strength Coach' and is the founder of the world-renowned gym called Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio. Westside Barbell is an invitation-only training laboratory where only the strongest of mind and body survive.

Our goal is simple: “To become the best and push every boundary known to man in doing so.” This gym has produced more world records in powerlifting than any other in the World, and Louie has been regarded as one of the main reasons that the conjugate style of training has been popularized in today's training methods.

Outside of powerlifting, Louie is a strength consultant for many NFL, NBA, MBA teams, along with having trained gold medal sprinters, pro boxers, UFC fighters, and many more athletes out of his gym via the conjugate method of strength training.


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Tom Barry

Tom Barry

Tom Barry is a seasoned strength and conditioning coach with over 16 years of experience. He has honed his expertise by closely collaborating with elite athletes from various disciplines, including the NFL, UFC, Track and Field, Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling.

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