Arm Mass Finis

by Westside Barbell on September 09, 2019
-Bench Press Auxiliaries-
In the final week of this tricep progression... The Football Bar stays with a final added set. Additionally, the pause is removed while chain is added in order to increase the top end lockout.

Cable Pushdowns are switched out for Overhead Sled Tricep Extensions to further push blood into the long head of the tricep by way of constant tension.

Banded Tomahawk Extensions are swapped out for Single Arm Banded Pushdowns. The band tension is to be dictated by the weaker arm.

Main Lift

Repetition Method

Football Bar JM Press 5x5
-using 1 (20lb) chain per side, per 100lbs lifter can bench press
-at bottom of ROM, elbow is at 90º
-using shoulder width grip on bar

Sled Overhead Tricep Extension x2 Trips
-1 trip = 60m down AND back
-keep constant tension in traps
-each 60m should have 6-8 good controlled reps(12-16 reps each trip total)
-90% recovery after each trip

Banded Single Arm Pushdown 6x40(each arm)