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Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper™

$ 2,995.00 $ 3,495.00

Dark grey
Royal Blue
Signal Yellow
Mint Green
Eagle White
Dynamic Yellow
Signal Orange
River Red
Bright Blue
Leaf Green
Carolina Blue
Yellow Green
Gloss red
Gloss Black
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Product Details





  • Dimensions:51″ H x 45″ W x 49″ D
  • Weight: 336lbs

Protected by six patents, the Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper™ offers unique benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. This machine was made with the health of your back in mind. It allows traction of the spine while rotating the sacrum during workouts. This device will develop the spinal erector, lumbar, glutes, and hamstrings with no compression of the spine to develop a stronger and more flexible athlete.

There is no arguing the efficacy of the Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper, and if you are reading this it is assumed that our readers believe in the science behind it. 

When you buy from us you not only buy from the original and premium manufactures of the Westside Barbell™ products but you also gain access to our coaches and our knowledge on strength training, rehab and overall athletic performance. No OTHER company can say or do the same.