Equipment Education- Dual Pendulum Reverse Hyper

The Westside Barbell Dual Pendulum Reverse Hyper:

… Or as I like to call it “The Swiss Army Knife” of Reverse Hypers. Users can get so much out of the Dual Pendulum that I find myself hesitant to speak on the piece, in fear of degrading the benefits and efficacy the other Westside Barbell Reverse Hypers offer…. but here we go!

This week we are not aiming at the big picture of the patented Reverse Hyper, we are discussing the training and rehabilitative benefits of the Dual Pendulum, only!

Starting from the top of the Dual Pendulum we have an adjustable table top; offering 15 degrees of “tilt” both down and up. By placing the back of the pad in the UP position the user can place greater emphasis on the low back and erectors, while still recruiting the glutes, hamstrings, and abdominals into the movement.

By tilting the back (side closest to the user) of the platform down, we shift gears and place the glutes and hamstrings in the primary mover position.

As we move our way down the piece we will notice the split pendulum. This feature allows users to insert the retention pins into the pendulum for use as a single pendulum (both legs at the same time) OR remove the pins and move each leg individually.

By training each leg separate we can tailor training for a number of needs:

-Running, strengthen and rehab the posterior chain in a “mocked” running stride.

-Address bilateral deficiencies, in the erector spinae, as well as hip alignment.

-Correct muscle imbalance, as we all have a dominant side due to sport or injury there are instances where the left or right side of the body may need to be worked independent of the other.

Continuing to the foot rollers. If the athlete chooses to use the rollers, we again place greater emphasis on the low back. So coupling rollers, with the elevated platform the low back is exercised at the highest intensity level offered by the machine, The rollers + table top position mentioned, also offer the greatest traction possible on the Dual Pendulum Reverse Hyper.

Also included with each Dual Pendulum is a pair of straps that the user can utilize in place of the detachable rollers. These straps place a greater emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings, which in turn will reduce the effort on the low back. We have seen the straps serve as a tremendous starting point for users with substantial low back / spinal issues.

By using the straps in conjunction with the table top in the “downward” position athletes can safely train the glutes and hamstrings under a heavier load than they might have used on other models.

By keeping the table top neutral, or flat, we are able to pull from the same benefits developed by Louie Simmons decades ago, and again straps for glutes / hams, rollers for low back.

As a five year veteran of law enforcement I can speak first hand of the benefits of not only the Reverse Hyper, but the Dual Pendulum specifically, as it is reported that over 60% of LEO suffer from low back pain associated with the rigors of the job.

On top of that as a strength coach, primarily in the world of MMA, we often see a deficit in low back strength based on fighting stance, as we look at the execution of a punch or kick the fighter must pivot on the rear leg.

Coaches…. If you have a south paw suffering from low back pain there is a good chance his left erector is substantially stronger than the right and for a righty the right erector is probably stronger than the left. Thousands of strikes thrown in training and competition throughout the months and years of a fighter’s career will yield these imbalances, and should be addressed. Not only to increase the striking power of the off hand, but to also prolong with well being of the fighter!

We strongly suggest you consider adding a Westside Barbell Dual Pendulum to your schools, and gyms

With this one machine coaches and athletes alike can execute:

Flat Top: Downward Top: Upward Top:

Double Rollers Double Rollers Double Rollers

Double Strap Double Strap Double Strap

Single Leg Rollers Single Leg Rollers Single Leg Rollers
Single Leg Straps Single Leg Straps Single Leg Straps

Alternating Rollers Alternating Rollers Alternating Rollers

Alternating Straps Alternating Straps Alternating Straps

There is no arguing the efficacy of the Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper, and if you are reading this it is assumed that our readers believe in the science behind it. This and the following articles on each model will serve as a tool to further your understanding of each piece.

If for some reason you are not up to speed on the Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper, please take the time to read the additional articles below:

History of the Reverse Hyper:

Therapeutic ViewPoint of the Reverse Hyper, By John Quint

…And as always, beware of knock off versions of Louie’s PATENTED design. These models operate outside of our proven SAFE and EFFECTIVE patented designs, and DO NOT have our support in anyway, as they are inferior use, and completely unsafe to use.

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