Why Mono?

Westside Barbell
Thu Dec 20, 2018

Some say utilizing a monolift is cheating.
Welp, this is what we say:

1️⃣They encourage teamwork through j-hook release and jack operation

2️⃣It allows for an increase in working weight.

3️⃣As the athlete is not walking out the weight, it helps teach how to gather the body to absorb the weight uses a variety of stances.

4️⃣Stance width can be wider than the inside of a typical power rack.

5️⃣Not having to walk out the weight can contribute to a huge increase in a 1RM.

6️⃣They are badass.

And trust in this. You tell someone you PR’d your back squat, they’re not going to judge you for using a monolift.
Because it’ll be the last thing on their mind.