Where You Stand

Westside Barbell
Mon Jan 07, 2019

🔸Straight Bar Box Squat 1RM
-parallel box
-this should be a retest for most
🔸Straight Bar Box Squat x3, 5, 7
-each set is as much as you can move for the rep count
-no percentages, just pure strain
🔸Belt Squat March 3x3min
-heavy across the board(no progressive loading)
-holding heavy med ball low on hips
-strive for squat stance
-tight glutes at all times
🔸Reverse Hyper 5x35@60% 1RM Back Squat
-the % is based off the box squat just performed
-all glutes
🔸Weighted Straight Leg Raise 4x10