Westside Barbell: GPP Home Workouts Wk.6

Westside Barbell
Wed Apr 22, 2020

Straight Sets w/Minimal Rest

*extra workouts

*this week we’ll keep the intensity moderate-high (by cutting rest time), and volume high


Day 1.0

Moderate Grip Deficit Push-up 6x30 (30sec rest)

-hands on 2’’ high objects


Wide Grip Decline Push-up 5x40 (40sec rest)


Object Front Raise 4x50 (50sec rest)

-we like cinderblocks


Banded Shoulder Press 3x60 (60sec rest)


Banded Upright Row 2x70 (70sec rest)


Banded Face Pull 1x80-100 (empty the tank)


Day 2.0

Close Stance Air Squat 7x30 (30sec rest)

-hugging object to chest


Wide Stance Air Squat 2x60 (60sec rest)

0hugging object to chest


Reverse Lunge 5x40 (each leg, 40sec rest)


Lateral Lunge 1x80 (each leg)


Seated Banded Hamstring Curl 3x80 (80sec rest)


Lying Banded Hamstring Curl 1x160


Banded Reverse Walk 3x1min (1min rest)

-ankle AND knee band

-keep glutes tight







Day 3.0

Diamond Push-up 10x20 (20sec rest)

-go to knees if cannot compete in push-up position


Bodyweight Tricep Extension 8x30 (30sec rest)

-skullcrusher ROM

-hands slightly closer than shoulder width

-use a porch railing


Banded Hammer Curl 6x40 (40sec rest)


Baned Reverse (overhand) Curl 4x50 (50sec rest)



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