This Ole' Bar: SSB

Westside Barbell
Thu May 28, 2020

    The Safety Squat Bar (or SSB) is an essential bar in the Westside Barbell arsenal. Amongst the reasons this bar is a prime mover, these are by far the top;


  1. Max Effort variations - Beyond squatting and good mornings, this bar is great for rollbacks. At Westside we have 2 SSB’s (3 if we count the chain prototype variation) to perform tricep rollbacks with, handles removed of course.
  2. Dynamic Effort three week pendulum waves - As many know, on Fridays we focus on speed and technique. Using the safety squat bar is a great way to address those who are lagging in upper back strength, as it caves the clavicles forward.
  3. To work around irritated shoulders - Being in the iron game, many have fallen victim to irritated shoulders post straight bar squatting or benching. This is commonly caused by a biceps tendon impingement amongst other things. By using this bar, one can eliminate the vulnerable position a straight bar places into the tendon.
  4. Injury to an upper limb - If you play with fire, sooner or later you're going to get burned. This is the same issue when it comes to maximal weights. However, with this bar, one can squat with no help from the arms.


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