Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods
Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods

Westside Barbell - The Book Of Methods

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What was updated?

The latest edition of the "West Westside Barbell Book of Methods" retains its reputation as an indispensable resource for strength training enthusiasts, offering the same superb content. This newly updated edition provides a more visually captivating experience with a refreshed front and back cover. It includes additional imagery and features a reformed table structure for enhanced readability. Overall, the internal layout has a better flow for easier digestion of information.

What is this book about?

Over the many years Louie Simmons was involved in powerlifting, he gained vast knowledge on generating strength through squatting, benching, and deadlifting. His expertise and experience culminated in the "Westside Barbell Book of Methods," an essential resource for anyone interested in strength training.

This comprehensive guide, proven through Simmons' work with national and world champions in various sports, remains an invaluable tool for beginners and advanced athletes.

Louie's methods have been employed by world record holder 400m dash runner Harry "Butch" Reynolds and have produced impressive results such as ninety-nine members who have benched 600 lbs or more, 106 members who have squatted 800 lbs or more, three members who have deadlifted 900 lbs or more, and twenty-eight members who have deadlifted over 800 lbs. Remarkably, these numbers are results from members of a small, private club.

The Westside Barbell system, adaptable to individual needs and goals, offers insights into exercise selection, periodization, nutrition, and injury prevention. Training methods covered in the book include conjugate, percent, dynamic, maximum effort methods, lifting techniques, raising work capacity, rehabilitation and restoration, and reactive and contrast methods. Written in accessible language and grounded in scientifically-backed principles, the "Westside Barbell Book of Methods" inspires and educates readers, enabling them to coach themselves.

Simmons also served as a strength consultant for the Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, and numerous college football teams, along with many athletes worldwide.

Based on Louie's articles, this book offers a complete Westside package, leaving no stone unturned. It is a perfect tool for lifters and coaches, providing comprehensive guidance on improving strength, power, and overall performance in the gym or on the field.

Embrace the legacy of the late Louie Simmons and discover the proven methods behind Westside Barbell's success with the "Westside Barbell Book of Methods.


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Page Count: 319

Print type: Color

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
robert NYC
WSSB Book of Methods

The Book of Methods is written by laymen for laymen. There are no bar graphs scientific jargon . It is written straightforward and captures the three big lifts , squat, bench press and deadlift and accessory exercises in this order . It is full of useful , viable, usable information. The first chapter covers Louis’ and WSBB trek through their weightlifting education and the conjugate system . So the reader knows where the author is coming from. You can never have too much education or experience in a sport, endeavor or discipline in which you chose to dedicate time and effort into . This book is full of time , effort and experience.

Artem Zhilin
Best Book for Athletic Training

I used this book to better understand the methods employed by westside barbell to redesign a training program tailored to my rodeo event and it does not disappoint. Strength is through the roof, as well as mobility. Highly recommend this book to anyone who considers themselves to be a serious athlete or lifter.

Theodore A Wood
Must have

Struggling through a system of waves inside waves inside waves, book of methods helped clear a lot up for me. Im sure it is clear and simple to guys who lived it. From the outside looking in not so much. Other templates out there and breakdowns seem to be missing stuff. Have parts cut out and are unclear. This book, Louies other writings and the Westside blogs he did got me sorted out enough I was able to get my four week waves down on a chalkboard. percentages, exercises, ect.
Honestly this book is a must have. I wish i had read this before hearing anyone else's take on the system.

Daniel Corbally

Great books very informative

Christian Burns
Westside barbell Book of Methods and the Conjugate System Enjanced through the research of westsi...

Products came in good condition and on time. The info in the books is very eye opening and extremely helpful in answering all questions regarding the conjugate system! I’m very satisfied with the purchase of these two great books. “The book of methods & The conjugate system enhanced through the research of westside barbell” Thank you guys for continuing on the Legacy!