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WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle
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WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle

WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle

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All of Louie Simmon's publications are bundled together for you at a heavily discounted rate! 

What Do You Get?

  1. Special Strengths Development For All Sports
  2. Book of Methods
  3. Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual
  4. Explosive Strength Development for Jumping
  5. Bench Press Manual
  6. Strength Manual For Running
  7. Squat and Deadlift Manual
  8. The Iron Samurai
  9. Throwers Guide to Strength Training
  10. The Rule of Three
  11. The Conjugate Method


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 156 reviews
    Eric B
    Amazing bundle for coaches/Great bundle for meatheads

    At 1/3 price these were a Black Friday steal. Some of the books are geared more towards the strength/HS athletic coach and some are geared more towards those of us looking to experiment with Westside conjugate and expand our accessory lifts. All of these books are great for expanding your understanding of how WSBB and Louie Simmons fit into the culture of powerlifting and coaching in the US. Book of methods, the 3 “manuals” and the Oly manual are absolute standouts for meatheads.


    The amount of content I bought for 150 dollars is MIND BLOWING (on sale). The sellers on Amazon don't know this bundle exists.

    James M
    Lots to learn

    I'm new to conjugate style training and what I like about the bundle is that I can learn about it by reading Louie describe it in different ways and scenarios. Reading about it in different contexts really helps to understand the principles and apply it to my own style of training to work around plateaus.

    Zach Even - Esh
    MUST Have for ALL Coaches Library

    I've had ALL the Westside Books since day 1. I purchased the bundle so we can keep the books at my gym in the office for my Coaches. It is REQUIRED reading for our Coaches and I recommend all of The Westside info for ALL Coaches, not just Strength Coaches!

    IG Video Review:

    Robert Carchedi
    Book reading

    The book bundle is so informative. I’ve already added to my workouts learned concepts from it