The Athletic Ethic- Context

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Thu Feb 28, 2019

We all struggle to keep our mind in the right place. We are surrounded  by distractions.  Every day will be full of challenges to our focus and commitment to training properly. A positive attitude is a primary tool and it is a personal responsibility for each athlete to develop and maintain one.

Thinking in terms of context is an effective way to contribute to the effort to keep a positive attitude. A positive attitude is a matter of choice, do not accept excuses from yourself. It boils down to a simple question.  Are you grateful or resentful?

Are you glad to be alive this morning? Think that's a corny query? Consider the alternative.  Someone close to you distracting you with bullshit? Better be grateful you have that person in your life not resentful they are pissing you off. It doesnt matter who won some domestic struggle when it is time to train.  

Tweak something at the gym? If you are hurt and not injured you better learn to be grateful; its not the last time it will happen.  

Everything you need to succeed and achieve your goals is already inside you. dont screw it up with a bad attitude. You are responsible for the content of your character.

Stay in context.