Westside Barbell
Thu Feb 28, 2019

Max Effort Lower

1️⃣Axle Bar Deadlift 1RM
-Sumo or Conventional (whichever is weaker)

2️⃣ATP Good Morning 3x3
-wearing back racked Safety Bar w/40% 1RM back squat on bar
-straight weight on carriage is what dictates intensity

3️⃣Single Leg Reverse Hyper x30, 40, 50, 40, 30(each leg)
-glute emphasis
-30’s are heavier than 40’s, and 40’s are heavier than 50’s

4️⃣Lying Banded Hamstring Curl 4x60
-1st 10 reps of each set are 1-1000 pauses at top of contraction
-lying belly down on bench

5️⃣DB Death Hold 3xMax Time
-holding DBs at side
-failure (DBs slipping out of grip) should come within 30-45sec