Straight Speed

Westside Barbell
Tue Sep 24, 2019

Dynamic Lower

Straight Bar Box Squat 10x3@50%
-forward AND downward bands
-emphasize pushing upper the back into the bar
-competition depth box height

Pin #3 Banded Rack Pull 10x1@40%
-quaded light (purple) bands
-conventional stance

Sled Pull x8 Trips
-1 trip = 60m down AND back
-holding 50lb med ball high against clavicle and chin going down, then switch to holding the 50lb med ball low on hips coming back
-90% rest after each trip
-weight on sled should challenge, but not cause failure

Reverse Hyper 2x20, 2x40, 2x60
-30% 1RM competition back squat
-glute emphasis

Single Arm Cable Row 3x12(each arm)

Standing Banded Abs 4x30