Somebody You Should Know!- Charles Rigoulot

Tom Barry
Thu Sep 29, 2016

Charles Rigoulot Was born in France on November 3rd 1903 and died on August 22, 1962 at the age of 58.
He won Olympic Gold in weightlifting in the 1924 Olympics, set multiple world records most notably he was renowned for his single hand lifts. After a hip injury Rigoulot retired from weightlifting and began professional wrestling in order to fund one of his famous past times of racing cars!
Some of Rigoulot feats of strength are as follows;
  • Right Hand Snatch 253lbs
  • Left Hand Snatch 221lbs
  • Clean and Jerk 402lbs

Charles Rigoulot is a person you should read about in depth or at the very least google search about his amazing feats of strength.