Revisiting Reverse Rules

Westside Barbell
Mon Jun 15, 2020

    Coming from a Westside Conjugate training style, we’ve all from time to time seen and used the reverse hyper. This tool is invaluable for the powerlifting, sports performance, and even the physique worlds. With it, one can rehab, prehab, strengthen, grow, and decompress the posterior chain. This being said, there are some unwritten rules we would like to pass on to those looking to get the most out of their hypers…


  1. From the top, don't simply 'drop' the weight. Show control as you would when you lower a barbell in competition, this has the added benefit of translation to an increase in eccentric strength as well. (this was a big secret of Chuck’s)
  2. When the weight is lowered, if one peeks down, the plates on the carriage should not be visible. Yes, the idea is to get traction, but NOT a drastic pull of the lower spine. This also contributes to the next point, allowing the weight to be only moved with musculature.
  3. The positive (concentric) portion should be completed with the contraction of the group(s) being targeted. If momentum becomes the primary driver, this exposes the spine with little to no muscular protection and can in some cases tweak the lower back.


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