Monday Special

Westside Barbell
Mon Dec 17, 2018

Keep in mind, one of the best exercises one can do for overall strength is the sled pull. At Westside we rotate these as the warm-up, main lift, auxiliaries, cool down, and conditioning. 1 Trip consists of ~60m down the parking lot, and ~60m back with as little rest as possible.

If you haven’t performed heavy sled work in a while, give this a shot:

1️⃣Max Sled Pull x1 Trip

2️⃣Sled Pull x2 Trips @ 80%(Max Sled Pull)

3️⃣Sled Pull x4 Trips @ 50%(Max Sled Pull)

4️⃣Reverse Hyper 4x40(weakest body part emphasis, i.e., erectors, glutes, or hamstrings)

5️⃣Seated Banded Hamstring Curls 4x50