Dynamic Effort Upper Week 11 Day 4

Louie Simmons
Tue Jun 26, 2018

Dynamic Effort Upper Week 11 Day 4

Warm up

Barbell curls

Banded overhead ext

Band pull downs

Do a few reps with the bar to get familiar with it, do a few warm up sets until you are ready to do your working sets

The Lift - Football bar with bands

Week one will be 55% bar weight and 25% band resistance at the top

As the max effort exercise remember to keep a tight back and push with the triceps first.

Perform 9 sets of 3 reps

Use 3 different grips. Do 3 sets with the index finger on the smooth part of the bar, move your hand out 2 inches and preform 3 more sets, for the last set your little finger should be on the power ring. 


Flat bench 4x15

Rolling tricep ext 4x10

Seated rows 3xmax

Sled overhead press 5x20m