Dynamic Effort Lower Week 18 Day 3

Louie Simmons
Tue Jun 26, 2018

Dynamic Effort Lower Week 18 Day 3

Warm up

Sled walks 

Banded hamstring curls 

Do a few reps with the bar to get familiar with it, do a few warm up sets until you are ready to do your working sets

The Lift - Straight bar with chains 

Week one will be 60% bar weight with 25% chain weight at the top. 

When doing the lift make sure you sit back onto the box and not straight down. Shins should be straight up and down. 

Perform 10 set of 2 reps 

Straight after your speed squats you should have the bar set up for sumo deadlifts. 

The bar weight here is going to be 50% with 25% band tension. 

Perform 6 sets of doubles


Inverse curl 6x6

Reverse hyper 4x10

Sled walk on toes 6x40m